Orange Leaves Fall
As I speed down the highway, the green trees have turned orange, red and yellow.
Leaves are blowing across the roadway.
We are a long way from the prehistoric times of the past; the caveman of our past could not comprehend even the roadway.
The lights would dazzle them and the speed of the vehicle would make them run behind a bright red tree.
Can we truly comprehend the technology that has taken us this far?
A warm blanket in a warm room has been accepted as normal, we sit occupied with our books or TVs.
This is comforting, thinking that we know who we are, being and loving the fact that we are here on this blue planet.
Our time here is very short and we watch each day unfold.
We prolong our time here as we settle in and watch each word or minute unfold.
Our wish is to live forever and be happy every minute.
We have learned that we are not far from "nothing".
We are still standing alone clothed in comfort and thoughtful responsibilities.
We have moved forward as a tribal colony.
We remember what hurts our bodies and have placed rules in our halls.

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Words & Graphics by Tomas