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by Tom Lance

I touched the morningstar
with body and soul,
its texture blending
and now
expected rush and rip
to flow and leap
instead, a calm
and peace took hold,
a feeling quiet profound
a gentle shiver to those
who laughed and cried
a glow of warmth
to those who loved and died
misting drizzle couldn't dim
the light
or dampen spirits beauty,
the silence couldn't
quiet hopes
of love and caring
the star shines
as it always has
tarnish not a word
it understands

by Tom Lance


Family by Tom Lance

"Yep, another one of these collage do-dahs popped out of my
computer.  As you can see, this one comes right into your living room,
as though looking into a mirror.  I was up wandering the net the other
night, and came upon the 1961 picture of Ramon and friends, and before I
knew it, I was off and running.  Amazing thing was that I had sent you
all the 'Prayer for the Stressed', and when Ramon replied, he said there
was a reunion planned with the SF Tape Music Center group, with the
addition of his son Jonathan. I had finished this collage less than an
hour before I received his e-mail.  The people on the left are members
of the Tape Music Center, and the man just below Laurel is Jonathan!!
Sent the Willies right up my spine I'll tell you."
Tom Lance

 I've enclosed a copy of a 'piece' I created,
using Adobe Photo Shop.
This is the first 'collage' I've been able to do, and even though its
rough in form, I almost feel like I was guided through it.  All the
parts came together from many different places, and seemed to fit
together on their own.
Collage by Tom Lance

Created by Tom Lance

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