A light rain is falling out side this morning.
There is two inches of rain out in the rain gage. I went to bed last night during a wild show of lightning
and loud thunder. I laid and watched the lightning illuminate the night.

Every morning I choose the side of peace.
As I open my eyes Ben declares war on my "peace" and me.
Ramon asked me to open my eyes and I did.
John may open his eyes every morning, he does not say.
As I open my eyes I view the world for the first time.
There is a good feeling that wells in the discovery of my self.
There is a good feeling that wells in the discovery of knowing that others
are discovering the morning and feeling great because of the moment at hand.
We read the prophets and understand the place that those minds/words take us.
We quote them asking the world to share in our emotion.
There is a good feeling that passes over our bodies.
Peace radiates from our bodies.

It is true that our bodies may burn because of war.
But that does not stop us from finding peace within our being.
So every morning we give peace a chance.

Far out Badaba
Lets read some propaganda and begin our days journey.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....

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