At 6pm:
     As I crossed the bridge in the dark I saw lights off in the bottoms below.
     A farmer is rolling the old corn stocks into the earth in the darkness of early evening.
A light in the blackness.
At midnight:
     Amber lights fade off into the gray fog of autumn on these concrete walls.
     I walk shrouded in fog along the bridge above the dam.
The damp brisk cold is felt on my face.
Dampness is at the end of my nose, a sure sign of coming winter.
Fog on the river.
At 6am:
     Most mornings when you drive into the sun it blinds you and is somewhat annoying but this morning was different.
Because of the heavy fog on the river the road home was layered in fog.
As I came around a corner I was looking strait at a oak tree that had lost it's leaves.
What was remarkable was the sun which was poking through the fog and through the tree.
The rays of the sun were deflected by the fog and as those rays hit the tree those
     rays were deflected again by the wet limbs of the great oak.
The oak looked like a wonderful painting of fog, tree and sun.
I wanted to snap the photo and I guess I did.
Fog creates some wonderful sights is this world of ours.

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