Normal society cannot cope with the Garden of Eden.
It can read about it or wish for it, but it cannot cope with it or condone it.
These are photos of a place where the mind is free of normal behavior.
There is no want or no grasping of mine.
Most of these folks you see continue to live in harmony with this planet.
Most have moved back into society realizing that the freedom of want is in the mind and the concept of being is in the mind.
We can smooth your mind and pamper your ego.
We can talk about grasping an idea, we can write about grasping an idea.
We can be that ideal.
We sit in the darkness, the moonlight reflects off of the golden wild wheat. I remember as a child sliding down a similar hill of tall wild wheat on a cardboard box. Who needs snow?
Some one has set up a projector on this hill. We are going to see slides in the sky, projections in the darkness. We will see a view of the world on film. Our photos will be on display in the night sky.
Where will these projections take us? Is our mind going forward or back in time? There is a pain in my neck, a reminder of my age and this time frame. I'll lay back and watch this way. Some of these places are new to me.
I did try to record the peace and the turbulence in my writing.  I do try to record the presence of mind and matter.
I wish others would color my days with ribbons of golden poppies. Light blue wild flowers.
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Words & Graphics by Tomas