A Gift in December

Progress in the 20th century.
I lit the pilot light and struck a match at the same time. Laurel was really pleased with this
improvement. I'm ready for the 21st century.
A gift in December
The child's eyes are wide open, looking at the candle light. I see amazement in these eyes.
Mom says, "Would you like to blow out the candle?"
The eyes are even wider, amazed at the flickering light.
She blows and the flame flicker and sways, the eyes are wider in amazement.
The candle is moved closer and the flame is blown away. Trailing smoke lifts off a red wick. The
child's eyes are wide with happy amazement, a smile swirls around the room as all eyes are caught
in a wonderful moment in time.

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A December Gift


 Words & Graphics by Tomas