October 31, 2001:

As I got into the car on my way to work I noticed something on the window.
As I drove to work I finally realized that it was an egg that had splattered over my hood and window.
As I drove on it came to pass is this mind of mine that the Goblins would be out this evening and
some had already been by in the morning hours.
Most of the trees around here are a rust color and a few are crimson and some are gold.
The autumn breeze is blowing leaves in the yards and positioning witches on telephone poles.
Jack 'O Lanterns are bright and smiling sitting on bales of hay.
The Amish children are walking to school dressed in blue and black clothing with their Wal-Mart lunch buckets.
The fodder shocks are all lined up in straight rows. It is that time.
The leaves have fallen and the moon is full. The trees are gray and brown silhouettes in this warm autumn sky.
There are over one hundred buzzards flying over the local chicken plant. What am I supposed to think when I see over one hundred buzzards circling over our local chicken plant? Can I assume that they have everything under control or did a large dinosaur just fall over dead at the edge of the creek and the buzzards are just doing their job?
I do think that the buzzards are just doing their job, but where?
My world is divided by war.
I stand holding and arrow in one hand and the other hand raised with a peace symbol at its end.
I do not condemn the search for peace or justice.
I want the freedom to believe in any form of religion. I want the freedom to speak up at/or in any forum.
I want the women at my side to be as free as I.
I want the airports to be free as they were before Sept. 11, 2001.
I do not want our airports to be as secure as Israel's.  I do not want fences keeping me out of the forest.
I want to be able to see you as a human being and not as a suspect.
I want John to understand the freedom that we see and come home.
I want to be able to eat my mail as a prank.
I want to run naked thru the streets to see people smile amused at our youth.
I want the security guard to sleep on the job and dream of a beautiful woman.
The grass is still green in October as the buzzards fly in the autumn sky.

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