The Earth does not belong to anyone, it is held in place by the powerful forces of the universe.
Tribal families control minds and territories on this planet, but still the Earth belongs to no one.
Like Gollum in his dark island deep in the bowels of darkness, we hold onto our precious pieces.
We grasp our thoughts and hold them, we grasp our lands and hold them, and we grasp our words and hold them.
My mind and body has evolved with the time of day, years and evolution.
When Lou and Ramon told us that the land was free, a new concept of freedom seeped into our pores of thought.
The structure of life became basic and simple.
We have learned the rules of the world, but deep down in our minds we understand that the Earth is free.
We understand the concept of freedom. At times we try to hold and sell the basic concept of what we have learned,
but we know that Lou would laugh at the thought as outrageous, selling the seeds that fall free.
We sell other parts of our bodies in laborious activities, other tools that we create,
but we cannot sell the concept of Morningstar because we know that that land is still free.
We know the "rules of law" that bind our hands together like fences around the land,
but that cannot bind the mind and the freedom that lies there.
Thanks to Lou and Ramon
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Words & Graphics by Tomas