Seasonal Greetings
I dream, I see snow a foot deep out by the redwood cabin.
Icicles are brilliant, hanging in the evening sun.
Nine candles alight in the front window.
A warm pie frosts a  kitchen window.
I wear blue jeans, a red sweater and green gloves.
We are making snow angels in the soft snow.
The snowman stands to the side, a squirrel sits on the snowman's head,
rolling and nibbling a nut that he took from our snowman face.
The evening sky is clear and blue.
The evergreens hang with heavy snow.
We lay in the snow, rosy cheeks cold and warm, and smile to the sky.
No one cares, but love defines our mood, tears define our happiness.
May the season bring joy to your heart.
Peace and good will.

Peaceful Seasonings
Seasonal Greetings
A December Gift

Words & Graphics by Tomas