Grass Stains

A big bag, a black board, a white paper, a plastic disk, a computer screen, a cardboard box, these are places to store objects or ideas.
These are places to voice an opinion or store objects briefly or forever depending on the chalk, ink, paper, rock or clay that you use.
I guess I could go out and play tackle football in the wet grass and get grass stains on my shirt and pants. I could scan that into the computer and call it "Grass Stains".
I could move the colors around and make vivid display and I could then put it on line for the world to see and enjoy.
I am waiting.
If nothing arrives today will I be at peace.
If I answer "yes" then "I am".
Then I am what I was meant to be, at peace.
Our world is colored with mail and speech. We are constantly looking at our life.
We are constantly wanting life to color our life with smiles and gifts of pleasures.
We seek but nothing arrives. We are at peace.
We seek nothing. We are at peace.
I asked for beauty or did I wish for beauty or was it I willed beauty into the lives of living cells.
Whatever. It happened three times that I am aware of.
How is it that I ask for nothing above or expect nothing, but I willed beauty into life itself?
I do not know what is going on but I did want beauty in life itself and it was given.

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 .Words & Graphics by Tomas

Words & Graphics by Tomas