A light gray and green day is on display.
It is raining out and I look at the green earth and it seems that I have seen that green before.
Like an old overcoat my view of earth seems familiar.
Am I to renew my view like I renew a web page?
Am I to renew the thought that this environment is new to my eyes at this present moment?
Yesterday's quarrels were just that.
There is not a so obvious beautiful calendar facing out my window only the dream or
view of a new profound day with new colors that renew with each blink of my eyes.
Today I will move my body down the road in an automatic-mobile.
Its wheels will roll on rubber and soft oil.
Far off in the distance (a two day walk by foot) is Paducah.
Paducah is where the ladies have brought their quilts to display.
A light gray and green day is on display.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


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