Scraps of thought from a scene from a hotel window.
I am standing behind a glass window in a rented room in Louisville, Ky., looking out over this community.
I see, four men hanging by a thread of rope washing windows on a skyscraper.
Hanging by a thread, that's what they looked like? Four ropes hanging from the very top of the twenty-story building. Out from nowhere they hung over the edge. I assumed they were attached, they were not falling. I looked down the ropes and saw four men working swiftly, washing windows. They would move down one at a time, sliding halfway down a window, dip into their window cleaner and swipe the window swiftly and moved down again. There was no wasted motion; young eager bodies work their job with perfection and grace. In a half-hour they had moved to the very bottom of the building.
There was no trust or faith involved or were they well acquainted with the tools that they were using. Or maybe they did have some trust and faith in the tools and ropes they would hang from. I am sure that each time they would go over the edge of a twenty-story building they would inspect their ropes for frayed threads. They would understand how well they were fastened to the concrete or marble.
The thought of going over the edge of a building sends butterflies to my brain and emotions. To them it is only a job, a job where you prepare all your moves with perfection.
Working to obtain a goal, a green and yellow tropical garden, what an effort.
The goal is the view, the pleasure is in working for it.
Offering the children the garden, Lou opened the land with no rules.
That is difficult, I cannot do it.
The freedom lies in the land, in the mind, in the work.
Your child blossoms.
Open the door with no requirement.
We have seen the garden, like Eve and Adam.
Lou opened the land with no rules.
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Words & Graphics by Tomas