October, November& December
The harvest has been gathered and we are thankful for being able to do just
We celebrate during the fall of the leaves and way into the first snows
of winter. We dance around the May Poles, parade our happiness, fly on broomsticks,
decorate trees and poor fruit from a shell. We fast and feast, warm creamy
colors, spicy toppings, orange glazes, fresh bread, home made pies are a
common sight. Aroma and trinkets.
We find away to look up and thank the unknown deity that patrols our sky.
We share our gift and renew our vow in..
October, November& December

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....

Thanksgiving 2001
November 24, 2001
November 25, 2001 bongaNovember 25, 2001
November 29, 2001 bongaNovember 29, 2001
December 04, 2001bongaDecember 05, 2001
December 11, 2001 bongaDecember 11, 2001
December 16, 2001 bongaDecember 21, 2001
December 21, 2001 bongaDecember 27, 2001
December 30, 2001 bongaDecember 31, 2001

 .Words & Graphics by Tomas