How do we entertain people?
How do I entertain people?
How can we talk and listen simultaneously.
You know, listen and cheer the person that we are seeing at present.
What magic do the oracles know about the meeting of minds and shared opinions?
How can we possibly listen and understand what I see before me?
How can all these words please the mind that matters?
Is there a deep blue magic carpet being swept along with the wind?
Are the skies forever setting behind orange and light blue clouds?
Could we be waving, smiling and laughing lovingly at each other?
How can I possibly please the world with words?
If I walk down the street and smile and truly love the world, would that make the world a better place?
Can the world sense the emotions of feeling good?
Can this emotion be spread like a comfortable warm blanket?
Or would the world hate me for feeling so good?
Do I just have to listen and keep quiet?
Where is the comfort, where is the place to listen or write.
Where is the comfortable emotion that will let my heart sing.
Do we have a home for our hearts?

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Words & Graphics by Tomas