What am I seeing?
As I dropped out in 1967 I remember the folks that moved so fast that they could not see.
That was my perception at the time.
They are a different group now but they are still there.
They run around saying that, "Someday they will get to that or after I retire I'll deal with that."
I remember the man or women that says, " Gee the day moved so slowly." They are wishing for the end of the day.
This particular end is happening now.
I write what I see and mostly I see this view from this window, this pane, and these lenses in my head.
So whatever time moves about me is reflected in my moment.
Misplaced words. Incorrect vocabulary.
We have a good sense of time. We place words on places where they are at.
This makes sense and it does not make sense.
Laurel tries to correct this all. Putting words in places where our teachers told us too.
Please do not throw words onto the blackboard.
The words we throw are meant for peace, of mind, on earth, for the soul.
I used to weep for the earth and the amount of pain that it endures.
I would cry in my heart for hours on end.
I would put my heart in the place on that cross a place all martyrs are at.
I realized that to correct that pain that I would have to stand up and die for what I believed in.
I did not want to die so quickly.
I wanted the earth to move slower so that each moment that I lived I would try to correct what was before my eyes.
And as the earth moved more slowly, vivid details were seen and I began to wonder.
Who could possibly create such technology and beauty in our bodies?
What am I seeing?

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....

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