I am so far away.
Laurels car is stuck in our yard and covered with ice and snow.
It will take the day to move her car to level ground. My car is out on the hill across the way, positioned to move down hill on a given notice, it will move. My chore this morning is to crack the ice from my car. It is glazed from top to bottom like a candied apple. Iíll start it after I remove the ice. Then Laurel can move along with my car and get to work. Today I get to spend some time writing and getting Laurels car to level ground.
What is remarkable is that I am able to communicate to you even though I may be unable to walk to my car without busting my ass. Now thatís progress. Now if we can stop the world from killing itself Iíll be happy.
October 30, 2000
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"Family" by Tom Lance
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