Santana is playing a tango. My foot is gently tapping in time.
My head sways in comfort.
Three black birds are pecking in the cut grass; a small bird is chasing a larger hawk.
A gray haired lady throws something small out of her Candy Apple 2001 Coupe.
My body and mind feel pleasant and comfortable.
The wealthy folks have donated 100 million dollars to some cause in Africa. This is good.
The Internet has a thousand places to put your money and mind.
Is this sunset that I see just for me or is it just happening and I am just a sailor looking in the right direction?
My ego says that it is just for me, there is no creature stalking me so I am capable of viewing this earth
without a red warning flashing in my senses.
I am washing my clothes in a machine that tumbles them in water and then spins the water into the earth.
I will place the clothes into a controlled fire and dry them. It cannot fold them neatly and this annoys me, oh bother!
Today is my day to catch up on chores around the house.
Today in my chance to spend some time with Laurel and you.


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