Interwoven strands

Interwoven strands
While walking to work, I have to climb 118 steps. In this concrete
structure that I climb there are spiders. Along with these spiders are
webs, entangled in these webs are dried mayflies. Every night I have to
break through new webs. The webs that I do not touch form an arch in the
shape of my body. This is not quite as spooky as a Halloween night, but
it is something that I must endure in my passing through time.
Interwoven strands
Long hair and braids remind me of Laurel and Allison.
Long hair and braids remind me of my grandmother. Long hair and braids
remind me of the lovely young girls of Tolstoy and Morningstar. Long
hair and braids remind me of my sisters Diane and Sandy. All good
memories, all peaceful citizens of this planet earth, all women with
good attitudes.
Interwoven strands
Speaking of memories in the present, entangled words of different
meaning, speaking of a way of life. A simple clean life. I tug and pull
at Laurel, she resists. She understands, she just does not want to
change. She did change by coming to Kentucky.
We have all moved forward. I tug and pull at the tangles in my
.We know love when we see it, we feel it in our throats.
We are interwoven strands of ideas, colorful patterns in tapestry.
Our lives intertwine with words and thought.
We want the earth to be at peace. We care and speak truthfully.
Time has moved forward, we still love and speak clearly.

Interwoven strands
It is dark. It is the time for sleep. We have learned to sleep in the
darkness. No color, light offers our only depth. I imagine in the
darkness, I dream in the darkness. I guess dreaming is one way to
provide color in the darkness. Telling stories is another way to provide
light in the darkness, warming our embers and providing comfort.
I stand watch waiting for the cargo. I will quietly move it lower or
higher. Concrete and steel technology from the early twenties moves our
cargoes of grains and salts to other lands.

Walking Together
Being Green

Words & Graphics by Tomas