I Should Understand

The sun rises and sets on us all.
We look off into the distance and see land with homes and families.
If I were God I could look out after us all, but I am not so, I only dream of a unity.
One being, one being on this planet, different languages, different gods to see and realizing that we all see,
whatever we see, whatever language we dream in,
whatever colors we place in our heavens, whatever dictates us to behave properly,
no matter what you think I should understand.
I should understand.
There is a lingering perception that the emotional intensity of the sixties stayed in that era.
That those were the good old days for those people.
I know with me I have fond thoughts about those times,
but the reality is that I still feel the same way and make sure that people around me know what I am about.
Some are indifferent, some respect the thoughts, but most live their lives unaware of my existence.
I live by my standard to take care of the earth and to see each individual as being.

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Natasha Mercedes Purcell

 .Words & Graphics by Tomas