January 2002

I have retired from the Government. The Government and I have taken something from each other. Our confrontations were sometimes heated but I assume that ones body absorbs what the other is feeling and adjusts to suit. Hopefully it has all been for the better because that is what I wanted out of this space surrounding me. The torch has been very hard to carry and I have lost in some places. Some people have seen me and now know that is what they do not want. Did they understand too much or is it that I did not communicate properly. Anyway I can see that I have lost that battle. Inside this skin there is a body, mind and soul that truly wants the world to see the beauty before them.
If words could only explain the meanings of this existence maybe someone could live in peace.
All the children in the six grade know of why we seek peace.
What happens to their minds, as they get older?

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


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