This is a photo of Joanie and Tomas at Tolstoy Farm in late Spring or early Summer of 1967. This photo was given to me by Andee who had the photo. We are sitting in front of the main house. The kitchen is though the door and the dining area is behind Joanie. The wood pile is to Tomas's left or your right. The garden would be where your keyboard is at and the dusty road is to Joanie's right or your left. We are seated on the porch which ran the length of the building. I was in love with Joanie and Sylvia and I am still in love with them to this day. You can see the love we have for this world in this photo. That is not a butter churn that I am holding. Can anyone guess what it is?  It took me a while to understand what I was doing when Joanie came by to pose for this picture.

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Words & Graphics by Tomas