John Stienbeck

How did I ever become aware of John Stienbeck?
After my discharge from the service in 1962 I had time to look for work and spend a lot of time at the library.
I was working at a car wash in San Jose with a lot of folks from
Nicaragua who were sending most of their money home.
I think I read every single book I could find written by John Stienbeck.
For unknown reasons he hit home with me, showing me and taking me places that I had never been before.
Places that were not very far from the ocean towns that I grew up near.
Places I had traveled by while hitchhiking along Highway 101 (El Camino Real) on the coast of
California between San Francisco and Los Angeles in 1962.
It was a pure pleasure to read his books.
I wanted to become a bracero.
I got close to being a bracero by working the lemon groves near Golita years later and
then moving on to the hops and apple orchards in the Yakima Valley of Washington State.

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