Junk Mail

Compost in your home? Compost in your mailbox?
If you live in the country and pay no bills or get no mail, disregard this message. This message is intended for those of us that have piles of refuse that is called bills, important documents, important receipts, important letters and important manuscripts.
Our home has a stack (measured in tons) of important bills (paid and unpaid) sitting in different locations throughout our house. In each bill there are at least two envelopes, one in which your bill arrived in and two, the envelope they expect your bill to be returned in. Also included in this envelope is some colorful promotional advertisements. Spare us the indignity and quit sending us paper that is called junk mail. This is all paper that I expect to shred and throw into our compost pile. Worms love paper, the ink may give them a hang over but all this can be corrected by legislation. I have tons of mail and magazines lying about. There are in this abode, old bills that Laurel says that we must keep for about ten years, which is usually called forever in other lands. This paper usually turns into some animals or insects comfortable nest or a nice warm dogs bed without our knowledge. I am going to end this cycle from now on, paper bills, magazines and old love letters are going to the compost pile. I will compost the bills and put them to good use. I think that our debts or bills can be paid electronically.

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Words & Graphics by Tomas