Circa 1965 "The Average Kat"
Created & Re-created by Tomas
My cousin Ron and I came up with "The Average Kat". My drawing and his thinking came up with a rowdy rugby/football player.
This guy is cool, rowdy, eats pizza and drinks a lot of beer. The world revolves around him. He wears shades, rugby shirts, Levi's and Ked's. He has a Chichita banana sticker is his wallet as a badge (007) . Bond! James Bond! When he is not playing he changes his Ked's for Mariachi sandals.
This is the player of the oceans of Southern California in the early sixties. Part lion of the ocean, sportman of the mountian, cool fruit picker and soon to understand the freedom of the sixties.
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"Family" by Tom Lance
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Words & Graphics by Tomas