Color and fantasy, red and brown, green and gold, a gentle rain, tart words to sway the mood.
The light turns green and I go. I didn't have too, but I am programed to accept those values.

I write and collect emotions of the sixties to remember them, to harness their energy and to be reminded to always ask the world to maintain their good values. The world and I slip and slide down and up the slopes of good and evil. We try to maintain our good values, but sometimes the paper slips out the door and flutters into the wind. It is our responsibility to stop and pick up our fluttering papers and place them into there proper places.
Small tasks accomplish a lot of good.


And again may I ask,
"Where is the AT&T pipeline that carries fresh water across the Atlantic?
Gollum is learning the meaning of ....

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Words & Graphics by Tomas