mothers day

Happy Mother's Day
by Laurel

I think of my mama every day of my life and I miss her so much it still makes me cry.
I think of her when I'm sad and I think of her when I'm happy.
I dream of her a lot and know that she is still with me since her
death 15 years ago. She watches over me to keep me safe.
If only . . .

If only she could have known my children and how they have made their way in this life.
If only she could have known my grandchildren and seen how beautiful they are.
If only she could have seen how my husband and I have stayed together these past 40 years.
If only . . .

I think of my husband's mama and how he and his sister have never known her all their lives.
I think of my aunts and how I miss them. I think of my grandmother and how special she was.
If only . . .

I think of how special all the women in my life are and have been.
I wish them all well and hope they feel the love of family and friends as I do.
For those who will be alone tomorrow, I wish them peace in their lives.
I wish I could envelope them in a giant hug.
If only . . .

I think of what we women have experienced in our lifetimes and it amazes me how strong we are.
Historically, we have a woman who is running for president of our country.
There is a woman aged 41 who is expecting her 18th baby (I hope she has a discount card
someplace for all the diapers she needs and her husband has good health insurance.).
I think of all the mothers in Myanmar who are suffering right this moment and
all the children who have lost their mothers in the recent cyclone.

I wish all the children in the world could know and love their mothers but there are so many who will not.

Let us think of all the mothers around the world as we celebrate Mother's Day and
know we have a common bond. Mothers make this world a more beautiful place.
Mothers make such wonderful memories for us. Mothers teach us and mothers love us.
Mothers labor to bring us into this world and mothers feel our pain when we hurt.
A mother's touch is more precious than diamonds and rubies, and
a mother's kiss can heal wounds better than modern medicine.

I have a wound in my heart and I would give all that I have for my mother to come and kiss all that hurt away.
Mother, I hope you know that you are loved and you are missed.

Happy Mother's Day to you, mama, and to all the women I know, especially my lovely sister and daughter.
I am lucky that I am able to speak to both of them every day.
They make my life so special.

If only I could hug all my female bloggedy friends. Since that's impossible,
I will send you all a virtual hug and hope your Mother's Day is a very happy one.