A few people have complimented me on this wonderful God's eye shown above. Some people want to know how it was created.
 The job I had to do was to find the proper mouse to use. Once this was done, it was just a few simple steps. The mouse I used had a variegated tail that was approximately seven foot long. You see where I'm going now. The routine was simple, with quite a lot of patients, the project was completed in no time.
I had to put two sticks together, crossways on a mouse pad. Once done I tied one end of the mouses tail to the center stick. The first few traces were very easy since the mouse would travel in circles by himself. The farther out I got I had to use cheese at each intersection, while the mouse ate the cheese at one point, I would carefully place another piece of cheese at another point. Time consuming yes, but well worth the effort. Well you can see for yourself, with patients and a variegated mouse a man can do anything.

    Something about the pages that you are about to read or have read and my style of writing. There is no style, what I write is sometimes confusing because I didn't remember everything that I did. I did try not to flavor anything with fiction.
    I have a half a high school education and life seems to indicate ones status in their writings.
    I am a nine to five laborer, the guy working on the river. I'm the guy that cleans up the mess after you leave work. I'm the guy you see mowing the lawns around town. I'm the lady in the hospital cleaning the crap in the corner. That's my education, and that is who I represent.
    My father and grandfather were excellent gardeners. Check out the Huntington Library, I don't love gardening. I do love flowers and there beauty. I do love the land and it's children, that's us!
    I have met a lot of nice educated people, some of my best friends were college educated. I sometimes pat them on their backs and tell them that they are doing a great service for our country.
Even though they are overpaid.


Speaking words
 Speaking words, rambling random thoughts, speaking worlds, rambling world thought.
This mind is simple, nothing taking longer than a pawn to formulate. I'm not a labyrinth of thought patterns. The Lords of Time would dispatch me with a wave of their Flowing Golden Robes. When they speak to me with their wealth of knowledge, the sarcasm would cut my brain, lowering me into the muddle of lost thought. I do want to speak, even though what I say is not clear.
I want everyone that can open their mouth to speak up. It is time to speak up and say what happened in your youth. Write it down, do not let someone bury your thoughts. It is very hard to write some of this stuff, Joanie said keep writing, I'll write until I'm dead.


 If our local authorities decide that Dropping Out and Living in a commune was the thing to do for the moral values of our nation. A Growing Experience for the young.
 What would happen?            They would....

  1. Get a group discussion together.
  2. Elect a chairman/manager
  3. Pass a law for funding and budget.
  4. Hire a Lawyer for a Feasibility Study.
  5. Hire our nations best hippies as aids and for social comment.
  6. Buy land in Mexico so not to offend U.S. Citizens.
  7. Hire a P.R. Company
  8. Have a ten year block plan
  9. Repeat steps 1-4
 10. Try to figure out what went wrong.
 11. Repeat steps 1-4

    Things that you should do is read up on everything about Tolstoy and Morningstar. Check the county where  the Farms are,  find out about the land and sea nearby. Check all the web sites available. Check out the Kingston Trio, The Limeliters and other folk singers of the times.

Wish list.
Say Hello to old friends. Go watch the Puppets play. Go watch mom and dad at the park.
Sidewalks and paths for people on foot and on bicycles for all of America. I think Mr.Williams is on the right Path, help him out.

   What do you do?
 I did work.
Now I paint pictures with a computer.
Why?  I remember writing love letters to people when I was younger.
I drew hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades,  flowers with petals in pastel tones,
I wrote the word LOVEand colored it in pastel.
I wrote WE ARE and did the same.
What was I doing?
 I was putting you in a place and time, which hopefully is the present.
Hopefully a pleasant place.
Maybe a place to see a flower or smell a biscuit.
Do you remember walking theHAIGHT  and just staring at the posters?
 I guess that is whyLAURELkeeps me around.
We put each other in our place, which is usually home.

I will remember Memorial Day as the day of the mother/soldier. My mother fighting off my father to defend her children from the great war in our family only to disappear beyond the thoughts of this nation/man.
I will remember all mothers who fight off the drunken rebel and the tyranny of their broken lives.
I will remember all the women and men who fought and died in the struggle to stay sane in our world gone mad.
I will remember Memorial Day as the nation of men and women who died fighting off the tyranny to make our country free from the evils of mankind.
Our Gererations of Love comes streaming through the Valley to our Hearts.
Thanks to Lou
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