The world is hawking their wares. (Add an ad here LINK) Between each letter. (LINK) Between each word. (LINK)
Our clothes will be free, ads will cover our bodies from head to toe. (LINK) Our books (LINK), our thoughts, (LINK), our songs, (LINK), our email (LINK), there will be no place untouched. (LINK) Cows in the fields will be branded (LINK), deer will bounce over our fields with slogans (LINK). Slogan and ads will cover the animals at the zoo. (LINK)
As you raise your spirit in ecstasy, (LINK) going limp from pleasure (LINK) a slogan will appear in your painted surface overhead. Nothing will be left to (LINK) chance.
Peace, (LINK)
Badaba (LINK)
Tomas (LINK)

Walking Together
Being Green

Words & Graphics by Tomas