Empty and Void

He came home from the war void. Empty, with no concern. He moved as hidden space,
devouring Jack Danielís and Quaaludes. His mind was lost.
I marched out at the head of the line. Behind me came six others, his wife Helen, Officer
Jones, Sister Mary, Father McCarty, and his parents John and Marie. We wore the faces
of gloom, tired and worn streaks were etched in our brows. When did we give up? What
could we do but wait. He had sucked every ounce of humanity from our bones, we had
finally given in. He was now doomed to die as he wished, empty and void without regard.
No one really cared anymore, he would fertilize the earth, so be it.
God, we wanted to do more. How did we ever decide to give up. How could it be
possible that there could exist a human without hope, lost and void of possibilities. Never
in our life had we ever met such a completely void sack of bones.
We let him walk away, we were dumbfounded, we had poured humanity into an abyss,
leaving us tired and blank. We had lost to an empty shell of a man. He may still be walking
somewhere absorbing goodwill from gentle creatures and walking away in his stupor of
void, leaving of trail of people that wanted to help.
If the world would all perish and I would be standing untouched, I would not shed a tear.
My callus shell would just stand alone. My aura would be all I had to keep me warm.
What a selfish warmth?
Such a strange world I have placed myself in? An egotistical martyr, with only a mirror to
keep me warm.
There is a mind that does not understand, standing in the corner, out of the way. Looking
and searching for answers. Toes turned in ,in a shy poise. Waiting for someone to give
them the time. There's Johnny by the chairs, broom and dust pan in hand, picking up the
pieces of someone else's broken heart.

Being Green
empty and void
Darkness & Lights
This bliss can not be seen without an ego.

Words & Graphics by Tomas