Being Loud, Opinionated and Vocal
Someone brought this to my attention.
When someone speaks to us rather abusively, is it our responsibility to maintain the peace?
To be civil and listen to what is said.
Whether you agree or disagree, is it our responsibility to act civil and maintain the peace?
If we listen to what is said, then we are seeing the other point of view.
We do not have to agree with the other logic, but I think that if we thought it out
our paths would be the same and different simultaneously.
Laws keep us non violent.
Being loud, opinionated and vocal is not violent,
it is just being loud, opinionated and vocal.

A Great Amount of Effort
People always talk about people that are bigger than life itself.
These are the people that leave behind a famous history.
There is a great amount of admiration for the things that they have done on this planet.
I realize the great amount of effort they put forth to achieve their place in society.
But where does that leave us?
The beings that are not so gifted who also put forth a great amount of effort just to be close to being normal.
None of what I am writing here makes sense to me?
I want the world to be equal, but I can see by what is fact that we are not equal.
Maybe equality is a state of mind, a place to put our neighbors, families and friends.
A comfortable wording of ones emotions to make the world a better place.
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