Are we asleep as we walk out in the cool morning?
Every day seems the same but how could it be?
It can be.
It rained a half-inch of rain yesterday. It was slow rain and it was cooling.
Butterflies did hover over the flowers after the rain.
Maybe some were moths, whatever they were of color and they were not afraid of my being,
The garden is plentiful and I muddy my feet. The fruit is heavy.
Another sauce for the afternoon.

It seems so vain to write.
I was so silent for so long.
I have no answer to my reply.
The breeze is nice and my thoughts are a comfort.
How do we walk away from the pain?
It lives and belongs in our hearts.
A friend died a painful death last week. He was so strong but the pressure was greater.
We will move on but we will tape a flower to our lapel.
We will say good-bye.
The world is our home and we will live with what is...

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


 .Words & Graphics by Tomas