A clear vision is what we want.
I write to let off steam and to voice my opinion.
Is the world as nice as it should be or am I going to step on a bug that is on my path?
Most likely I will not step on the bug but I may do a similar misdeed without my knowledge.
Somewhere along the line we have created fences.
Whatever climbs over the fence dies or gets swept under the table.
I was wondering where my threshold was where did I draw my line.
Am I displeased because Jackie does not lay prone before the eyes of the lord?
Bias has flared up before us like the damaging fires of yesterday.
It has pained us like seeing the chains across our doorways of freedom.
It has swept into our ears and hearts with a brilliant speed and sting.
We were unaware of it until its hammers singed the edges of our hearts.
We are now at peace washing away the pain.
We will scrub these minds, these lenses that see this pain.
There is a space that is provided for us and we shall see it.
We all have a mental and physical position on this planet.
Our ability to see the other human positions is called equality.
A clear vision is what we want.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


 .Words & Graphics by Tomas