Laurel & Tom, Dick & Jane,
Dew is on the ground like snow. The garden looks nice. It is slower than the other gardens that I see, but it is all-organic.
The other gardens use chemicals and high fertilizers and it shows, plenty of tops and no worms.
Our garden is slow it has taken a long time. The earth around the garden spot is still hard pan.
It reminds me of dried clay with sod over the top of it.
Being off and not working a steady job sure helped the garden. It sure loves the attention that it is given.
Laurel is going to fry some green tomatoes.
It is Sunday morning and I am going out and walk in the wet grass.
The weather is seasonal and the garden reflects that.
When I was growing up in California we grew everything year around.
Plant life was seasonal there but it was a very long season for growth in Los Angeles.
I watched the seasons go by on Television. I saw one morning snow in Pasadena in the late forties or the early fifties.
We threw snowballs before class in school but by 9am the snow was gone. That was my only snow.
The first seasons that I saw were in Kentucky in 1962-63. The first clean air that I saw was out at sea and in Hawaii in 1961.
The air here is clear this morning.
It is quiet and no movement of vehicles except for the birds and Laurel moving about in the kitchen.
We are going out to see our son this fall he is in San Diego.
Peace is here.

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 .Words & Graphics by Tomas