Every moment on this planet tells a tale.
Every word spoken is placed before my eyes with speech or pen.
Wandering stories, grandmothers in rockers, cowboys kneeling by the campfire, long smiling spears in the circle and
dark skies tell a tale. Whispering in alleys just off Main Street, warn jeans on barstools and sticky wood.
Whatever, sounds do move across my path. Songs filter in the light of campfires.
In the quiet woods animal sounds and moving limbs lend these ears another clue.
Paths and trails maze across our planet. Along these trails sounds rustle, Mother Nature screams, soft hands are placed on shoulders. There are hugs on church steps; there are waving wands that sparkle on the Forth of July, waves of sunlight in the night skies.
Every day something that is, is influencing our lives.
There are so many clues that lead us to the doorways of truth.
There are books and loud volumes of sound.
It is dark outside now and the crickets and cicadas are making a quiet roar.
They too have their feet planted on this planet.
Do they wonder?

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


 .Words & Graphics by Tomas