The world I live in now needs an enema.

When I left Morningstar some years back I had decided to do and not to just talk.
The world needed my physical help.
Well I did do the physical work until my body said this is not working anymore.
Moving my body at difficult tasks had taken its toll.
Now as my body ages I am at the stage in life where I am to be left on that iceberg to float away.
So I thought I'll write while my body withers away.
Most folks say I can't write, so what! Let me die painting the walls of caves and toilets,
yelling peace atop that shattered crate in my own particular way.

The world I live in now needs an enema.

Fragments of our life are dispersed everywhere.
We are like a sprinkling of water on a calm sea.
Difficult to point out or even see.
We vanish into the darkest parts of the earth.
How do we lift up our friends like the alien carrying us up the ramp into oblivion?

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas