You have to go see foryour self.
She said, “Do you hear that?”
I listened and it sounded as an alarm far off in the distance.
The wind was blowing and it seemed to muffle the sound.
I sometimes wonder why I am up at this hour and I realize that a few pieces of chocolate work wonders on a revolving mind.
There is a sense of eye opening magic.
Chocolate the brown drug of the poor,
I have wandered all over these rooms and still the faint sounds come and
go in the muffled breeze, what could be banging like a church bell 10 miles away.
Could there be a saint running around our home in a brown robe and hood, I look out the front door, nothing.
I go to the glass sliding door facing the south winter moon.
Perhaps there is someone out here, a reindeer or cow with bells that linger in the wind. I look out the door, nothing.
I look up and there it is the wind is blowing and the glass has muffled the sound.
There before me are the metal birds touching each other.
They seemed so far away.
I go back a say that I have found the sound and explain what it is.
“No that’s not what I heard!” she says.
I sigh and say, “You have to go see for your self.”

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas