Sometimes life offers you revelations.
I was completely surprised and unaware of the moment.
I just walked outside and said hello to the white Tomcat.
It was dark out and the light from the street lamps were shinning on the great Hackberry tree out in the back yard.
I was surprised to realize the light of the evening being awash over everything.
I was shocked and surprised.
I could not imagine such beauty; I could not paint in my imagination the charm of color in the evening light.
God it was grand.
The cat meowed back.
There was no story there.
I was just there to see the moment.
How lucky to be at the right place, with the right frame of mind.
I have been obsessed were the female body.
It is almost like a state of mind that is not wanted in normal behavior.
I should not get over it.
I am just a old man that wants the flames and fires of youth.
Sometimes life offers you revelations.

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Words & Graphics by Tomas