Fire 'nRain
As I sit and look out this window I wonder what brings me to revolt?
What action out side of this window propels me to think that the world needs some changes?
Or how do I know when an army of elephants will walk over the next hill.
What moves my environment closer to Tolstoy or Morningstar?
What propelled me to think of peace, non-violence and the crowds of love in 1967?
What moved me closer?
Was it the newsreels of the forties?
The schoolbooks of the fifties?
The music of the late fifties?
We know the answers.
Communications and propaganda are pounding our surfs of influence,
constantly rolling the sands up and down these beaches of time.
I could turn off all communication devices and just sit and ponder.
I could just absurd the green blades of grass sparkling in the morning sun.
I guess that is why I moved to Kentucky.
Progress is slow to reach these shores.
I get the feeling that some communities want to stay hidden from the influence of propaganda.
They want to live at peace without the influence of too much modern technology.
I realize that this is an almost impossible task.
The droning of air machines are constantly heard overhead and
modern cutting tools keep falling to our floorboards making life a wee bit easier.
The Amish community here has progressed and I assume that those wilderness communes progress
as each child moves out and returns with a sharpened pencil and some aspirin.
Technology is like armor around this body.
I know when it will rain and I know when the elephants will move a little closer to my abode.
Fire 'nRain

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 .Words & Graphics by Tomas