For me these suns and moons have always been there.
My frame of mind has always been optimistic.
I have lagged behind in the feeling of being loved but I have always seen the positive side of the glass half full.
I have always longed for the mother's warmth. I have always grasped the first woman to come along.
It was easy for me to understand the splendor of the sixties. Love was at the heart and color of this child. Freedom blossomed with ecstasy. My footprint will always be the art of my being. I'll always see the good. I'll always want to change the bad.
I always asked why and now the world answers.
God to some carries a sword.
You know him as the god that slays the dragon, the dragon being the society that does not agree with them.
Dressing the part, displaying the mood, growing the flowing mane, understanding the planet.
Letting the world see the flowers. Sing the song; hop along with Winnie the Pooh.
Let me marvel at the sunset, let me marvel at your being. Let me swoon and seep in your….
Moment by moment I pass my time; I see the world surrounding my effort in living.
I am the creature who thought he conquered the planet. Will I still win when the collision occurs?
When I am the floating dust particle in the universe will I still be. I will not be the winner or the whiner but I will still be.
I will be scattered as dust and a memory of time.
The memory of time is my illusion of thought.
Something familiar with the soul. A great data bank as part of the deep night of sky.
A collection of times thoughts spoken in the brain of humanity.
A collection of times thoughts conceived in the depth of these planets and spheres.

Today I will drive to Natasha's in Murray. It is her first birthday celebration.
Cakes and streamer, gifts and colors, smiles and hugs, warmth and mothers, men sitting composed in thought,
bringing it all in, gathering reflections and a happy birthday.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....

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