In god we trust.
Somewhere along the line god and religion got placed into one neat pile.
You know the pile of stuff that are like hooks and chains.
If you pick up one thing then you automatically pick up the other.
Religion is the worship of god.
God is beyond our comprehension.
God could be a synonym of atheism or whatever faith we have in humanity or god could just be "being".
God could be all the assumed names that man has developed to portray a deity.
God could be the faith we have in our thoughts to stay alive.
The courts in California assumed that god was part of religion. The court can assume that religion is the worship of god but it should not assume that god is part of religion. God is beyond our judicial mentality.
God is beyond all the scholarly lessons of any learning abode or our black starry nights.
Society has mingled god with religion in positive and preposterous ways.
We can separate religion from government but we cannot separate god from society.
God can be beaten with sticks from the jungle (communism), driving the worship of god over the cliffs of mankind.
But that faith that pounds the sticks is god.
That is like replacing my name with another name. I am still a being, wet or dry, dead or alive.
In god we trust does not mean in religion we trust. It means, "In god we trust."
There are no other nouns, verbs, or adjectives attached.
In god we trust.

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 .Words & Graphics by Tomas