Some of you know Mary. Most of you do not. I first met Mary in Marion in the early seventies.
She was living in the woods with her old man here in Kentucky. They moved west and she gardened.
She did very well; people loved her hard work, her work ethic. She pounded the soil; people loved her work.
Her uncle had a stroke here in Marion and her Mom asked Mary to come back home; help her run the family nursery.
Mary came back and between them the nursery flourished.
They worked very hard until the Wal-marts of the world cut into the profits of working with the earth.
Mary met a man that was running a grocery store on his own for his sons here in town and they became and item.
She worked the yards in town and he worked the grocery store. They both loved the work and they were both lovers of the earth.
Her friend past on a few years back and she gave up most of the gardening and ran the store.
Well cancer took her life this last week; she was only 55.
Her dust is going to be spread over the wild country out west that she left so long ago.
 I will miss her.
I see her dark long braided hair simple and to the point.
Our eyes would always meet.
We had traveled different roads on this planet.
The path she has traveled now sparkles.
Her dust will fly into the air her moment in time.
Good by Mary, the world did love her and she knew it.
So cool, good work, nice job.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas