Leadership in Decay
Must I hate or kill to achieve peace?
The warriors in Iraq and the U.S. government consensus apparently think so.
Well I could probably take the word “hate” out of the sentence and it would be true.
In other parts of the world I could leave both words in.
We seem to have bypassed the love our mothers gave us and just jumped into hand-to-hand combat to kill.
I thought the world had left the world of force for peace a long time ago.
The way the world is thinking now sweeping the enemy out of existence is becoming a reality.
The United Nations had a way of using their influence to persuade a nation to catch a ring for peace and prosperity.
Social pressure was working fine.

In the end we will realize that the U.N. was right all along.
The only way that the bully tactic will work is to eliminate the enemy.
Who are the countries that have declared war?
What religions have declared war?
Moslems and Christians.
The leadership in both religions is in decay.
They are both using the bully pulpit to force thought into their young men and women.
There is no compromise.
The U.N. was the compromise.
Leadership in Decay
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Words & Graphics by Tomas