The song "I am a man of Constant Sorrow" is playing on the stereo.
I am wondering about god and what was created a long time ago?
There is a quote in a book that says, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."
I am pretty sure that this statement is variable according to languages and beliefs.

I was wondering where was god's home before the creation of the heaven and the earth?

Where am I to send my notions and products?

I was also wondering whose calendar was being used?
Or should I say what time is it?
I am pretty sure it was gods?

Who brought these thoughts to the forefront?
Were these thoughts passed down from one generation to another?
How could we possibly know this?
There is an answer to these questions and they dwell in the mind of god.
That is probably why we think we are created in his image.
There is an old white building of wood that is tucked in the pleasant valley in this county.
"This is Gods Home", proclaims the sign out front.
Could I possibly pray to god in this building?
I am sure I can.
Is there bias in this created building of religion?

The problems will arise when I encounter the owner of the building.
He will want me to be part of his ceremony.
He will want to prepare me to meet thy maker.

Is there bias in this created building of religion?

Is this "Temple of Shinning Ivory and Gold" just for those who sit under the Buddha's tree?
Or is this Pointed Blue Mosque there for only those that bow to Mecca?
Have we created a bias?
Are these homes for god only there for a particular viewpoint?
I remember seeing books about the pagan gods of old.
I remember books saying that each king was god in his kingdom.
We are the light; this is in our minds and in the sun.
We are the source of that light.
Our community (the universe) is also the darkness and the light.
What we are seeking we are.
Each of us has a different view of the light and the darkness.
As does the universe, the heavens.
We view the light, we see the light, and we absorb the light mentally and physically.
The tree drops the seed and so does being drop the seed,
thus continuing the view of light and darkness.
Some folks have bright children.
There is peace in the light and darkness.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


 .Words & Graphics by Tomas