Sun Day morning,
Laurel and I as one,
This week has been slow to evolve and I realized Friday and Saturday that people have been messing with our minds.
1. Because we live in a society that deals with money and banks, they can influence our lives to some degree. The banks can evoke boundaries if they want. In most small towns banks are forgiving they lets small stuff go by. But in our case the bank set in motion its law. Thus making us abide by the rules. This has been an inconvenience; it does make our life a little harder to deal with. But those are the rules and we have to abide by them if we use their money or if they use our money.
2. At work some guy is forcing us to abide by another rule and the same applies here. Most of the time people let the small things go by but they can evoke the rules of the game and make life harder if they want. And so they did.
These two examples of making life harder for us led me to think about influence. The ability of humans to prepare the mind for a task. Living on this planet can be influenced by life it self and a number of people have set down laws to influence our lives.
As I was sitting at a photographer's studio and waiting as Natasha was having her "one year old" pictures taken. I thought about what was going on in our lives. I thought about the people that were messing with our minds forcing us to abide by their rules and making it clear to us that they are in control.

I was reminded of what influences our days as:
I watched the man set Nastasha in colorful backgrounds of softness and light.
And of course Natasha is the ham and the life of our party.
She enjoys the attention and we enjoy seeing and being with her.
That makes for a happy day and some nice photos.
A good feeling will put you in a good mood.
A good book will put you in a good frame of mind.
A good setting will put you in a good frame of mind.
Good people will put you in your place.
A good book will set the mood. We know that a book can send us anywhere.
There are books that set an atmosphere of good feelings as well as putting us in a frightful situation.
We as people can influence our state of mind.

Sometimes when we get up in the morning we are a little grumpy and it takes a little while for all the cobwebs to clear.
A pain in the head is called a headache. That pain can influence our day.
We read good books for a reason and sometimes we read books to influence the pain.
Good cooks display the entrees as a work of art. They influence the way you look at the entree placing you in a good mood. Artists and photographers place us in settings of good moods or put us in an outside environment that will influence our mood.
We as individuals can place our being in a mood to influence the world.
Peace can be achieved by a good mood of influence.
Natasha is having her picture taken. That is nice.
I feel an early morning mist out here in this garden, there is no mist.
It is still a nice feeling as I swagger around in my dizziness.
My inner ear is unbalanced; it will take some time for the infection to clear up.
Until it does I will moved about, as I was to fall.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


 .Words & Graphics by Tomas