Forgotten Paths

87 Billion Dollars?

Voices that talk on the moon.
Remarkable Bridges that span across rivers.
Gleaming Automobiles that fit together like gloves.
We stare at black boxes called TV’s.
Electronics that fill the days and nights with pleasure.
Ladies with strollers that swiftly move away from irritated traffic.
Very slow Grandmothers trying to cross busy streets.
Bicycle riders that are frightened by automobiles coming over the next hill.
I can repeat these words forever and you will see the problems
In disgust I'll say,
“Let me see the progress in building those paths before I'll believe it?”
You'll never even repair those
Forgotten Paths

87 Billion Dollars?
Black words written in disgust.
How many links do I have to point to?
If you are reading this then you have seen them.
Shake your head in disgust.
He is running across the field with speed in his system.
I stare at this blinking curser in disgust.

87 Billion Dollars?

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas