Somehow I get the feeling that the environment is not the most important thing in the minds of our local parents and teachers.
And that the environment is not a thing that this local school superintendent and school board places very high on its list of priorities.
Again I go to the local football game and the children treat plastic bottles like toys to be discarded after their use as fly finger bombs.
 I taught our children to pick up after themselves.
Somehow that is not on the minds of our parents and teachers today.
Perhaps picking up after oneself was a luxury of a great state of mind.
Maybe the mind of our community is suffering from some political influence that does not comprehend the earth as being at their feet.
Maybe it is just me?
Maybe it is just our trickle down economy has no money to teach children to pick up after themselves.
There are probably some more important things on the minds of our parents than worrying about the environment.
The team won despite the feeling of our regional friends in Western Kentucky predicting a loss.
It has been cool lately and the Humming birds are nearly all gone south.
The grass is still growing and we have two nice watermelons and two small pumpkins for our effort.
The tomatoes have made a slow comeback from a nasty brown rusty mildew last month.
Thunder and rain have rolled into the area.
It was clear at the ball game but rain and thunder were in the forecast.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas