John Prine, Fluorspar, Huh?

The folks on the newsletter have been talking about copyrights.
Elsewhere the world is shooting itself in the foot.
I am charging too much money for these words, nobody wants to read them, and nobody cares.
It is very cool this morning. Everything outdoors is covered with dew. This part of the earth is moving toward the sun. The sun is just breaking over the eastern horizon.
Yesterday I had a wonderful day. I did not do a dam thing. Normally I check the emails, do a little computer work, a little garden work, a little housework. But yesterday I just sat and watched old movies on the boob tube. I did not do a dam thing. Mr. Ted Turner is reconditioning a lot of nice old movies and he is doing a great job at it. Tonight I am going off to watch a high school football game. The local boys are going to beat the crap out of some folks from Muhlenberg County.
Remember the John Prine song “Paradise” about Muhlenberg County?
I just read the lyrics, so sad. That shovel is still there a working and Paradise Steam Plant is still blowing smoke. It all can be seen by the parkway.
The John Prine Shrine
I want peace on earth but I do enjoy the rough games we play.
I want everything free. You all charge too much money for what you do.
Live in poverty and charge nothing.
I want euphoria and utopia.
Laurel wants stuff so she works to get it. She should work for free but she is not going to do that because she wants stuff.
Where is the happy medium? I should not complain, I live in poverty but Laurel keeps me happy by buying me computers and food. Some people have all the luck. Laurel does all the work and I enjoy it.
I really want all my old loves to be here with me. I want euphoria and utopia.
What the hell is a pipe dream?
Do they play the music for you to enjoy or do they play the music for you to buy?
Where did we screw up?
The ball game went as expected our young men were just to much for them.
We had depth and experience on our team.
They only had about 25 young men on their team and we had about forty of fifty.
The coal industry has fallen on hard times in Muhlenburg County, good jobs relates to good football teams in this here part of the country.
One thing they had that we do not have is a band.
They had about 50 band members plus their flags and commanders.
We only have about 25 people in our band including the flags and commanders.
We have heard stories about how big our band used to be back in the fifties.
They say there may have been over one hundred kids in the band at that time.
Those were the times that fluorspar mining flourished in this county.
Leave it to the steel industry and Reaganomics to diminish the arts in Crittenden County.
We can whittle a stick while chewing a straw in our overalls and send it to a craft shop but we cannot fund our music and art departments in Kentucky.
Reaganomics says leave it to the industries to build up our arts departments.
The only thing that industry wants in Western Kentucky is non union labor.
If a community joins a union to improve their working conditions industry packs up and goes elsewhere.
The steel industry went south of the border for their fluorspar and Crittenden County went from over 30,000 folks to 9000 folks in just a few years.

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