Am I on a spiritual quest?
No I do not think so.
Am I in a constant state of euphoria?
Sometimes I say yes and sometimes I say no.
In general I am there.
I guess that means no.
Does this web site move your body and mind a little closer to the spiritual bliss that all of us seek?
I would hope that this site does help in your knowledge of the unknown.

Should there be a step-by-step guide on this site to reach the levels of bliss that we should encounter?
No I do not think so.
I think that all of us encounter that level in life itself at one time or another.
My favorite encounter is seeing the other person with the same equality of bliss and saying so.

I would like to think that there is an easy answer to seeking the truth. The truth is always there the hard part is seeing it.
My first web page was the view of the ocean at some remote beach.
It revealed the beauty of life and the quest of man to stand by the ocean and marvel at that moment.
I figured if I showed you that scene then you would see the beauty of life and
all your troubles would be minor.
Or if I told you about the women that had loved me at some time then maybe you could understand that love and
it would make your day a blissful blessing.
But I realize that life is not so simple as telling you that life is grand and that the angel is there over
your shoulder guiding you toward bliss.

What was so great about the sixties was the fact that each person encountered in our steps through life was told how wonderful life was. We were seen and we saw the person or life before us. That each of us was standing in that place provided by life and
those folks in the sixties were there with you as guides reflecting the values that were supposed to be on display.

That state of mind is missing in our layered society today.
The haves and the have-nots of this world and their colors that layer our society mostly laugh and see nothing.
I do see at that level of euphoria but it does not show through in my every day life.
I know that Jesus walked in that state of euphoria and was bright enough to verbally say it.
Buddha sought it and found it.
They are well documented.
Hopefully the 1960's will be documented in the same light.
Well here's hoping that you have a good day and see whatever guides you to be great and
be a good human being.

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