Red WhiteandBlueUniforms
This is another day that is mired in a political mind.
There are so many twist and turns that it is easy for a power hungry establishment to steal whatever they want from the average person.
We no longer are a two or more party system of government.
Every one must listen and do to what the man in the blue suit dictates.
We can yell and scream all we want for that is what is good about our democracy.
There is only one valid point of view and that is the sensible, clean-cut way of life.
Everything else is a point of view.
There is a machine in power now.
It will let you do whatever you want.
It is a hungry beast with no tail.
It devours power with its many heads.
It pushes all the buttons on top of its crew-cut head.
It wears a neat blue suit, and a white shirt with a read tie.
Everything about this person is neatly packaged.
There are no mistakes in his vocabulary.
He speaks in comfortable parables.
We believe in what he says.
Black shoes and socks.
We know deep in out hearts that he will break his word but what can we do?
We are like a bunch of red tomatoes with little knives on a tabletop of porcupines.
Remember that Congress and The Supreme Court gave the one party system the power to do what they wanted.
All the laws favor the one party system; in the name of Allah they can do what they want.
We still trust the neatly attired man in the clean blue suit with the red tie.
We live in a democracy we can wear what we want, say what we want and be what we want.
But we trust no one other than the neatly attired man in the clean blue suit with the red tie.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas