“So Cool” and “ Far Out”
I was taught that the dream was elsewhere.
The dream of  “heaven” or “utopia” was not here on earth.
Our dream lied somewhere off in the distance, beyond our life, beyond our dreams.
The “The Heavenly Gates of Pearls” and “The Road Paved with Gold” were somewhere located in a place
we are too “whatever the words” unable to understand.
All the books that I have read spoke of human beings that had seen that world.
I had a difficult time understanding this paradox of ideas.
The only conclusion that I have come up with is that we all speak the truth and that our “Heaven” or “Utopia” is
what we see, our particular view, and our particular point of view.
That seems to make sense to me.
I can wrap all the text, ideas, and the soil beneath my feet, the sun, the planets and space into my view or our view.
If my “Heaven on Earth” is here and is what I see; then I will nourish it and clean and protect it from harm.
I will bow before it and all it’s occupants.
I will look up and exclaim that I do not understand and say, “Wow! Oh God!” not understanding those words.
But knowing that those words were the right ones to use.
Lately I have been using the words, “So Cool” and “ Far Out”.
They seem to work well and they are dated.

 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....




Words & Graphics by Tomas